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"Thank you very much for your services rendered in the recent sale of our home of some twenty-eight years in El Cerrito. You were extremely professional, knowledgeable, efficient and skillful in shepherding us through the process. We were quite comfortable in following your advice.
You made a favorable impression upon us several years ago when you did a market analysis for us. At that time, we said that if we ever decided to sell, heaven forbid (!), we would want you as our agent. The way in which you handled all aspects of the recent sale firmly reinforced our initial assessment.
You are a man of integrity, Herman. Thank you for coming into our lives and for handling the sale of our largest asset so well."  
- Lawrence L. Chapman

"As I have expressed to you in person regarding the sale of our Shasta Avenue property in San Pablo, CA. There is No Comparison in the way you handled this sale to the other realtor we had engaged previously. It was so easy and comfortable to have you handles all the affairs required. The speed and ease of this sale showed in your expertise.
As we were extremely satisfied with your service, we recommended you to sell the McKillop Residence. He too has informed me that he was very happy with the way that you handled and sold this property."
- Al Heffley

"I am pleased to express my gratitude for all your help and expertise. Your thoroughness and professionalism were greatly appreciated. Your willingness to go .beyond the call of duty. made the sale possible. Thank you again for all that you did for us. I would be honored to be a referral to the high quality and professionalism of your service."
- James M.T. Chao, Architect

"I wish to thank you for the way you handled the selling of my property. You were very professional and helpful not only in the selling of my property but also in guiding me around the pitfalls that surround the selling of real estate."
- Henry C. Figuera

"Mr. Sun is extremely patient, well organized and knowledgeable. He sold my house under rather trying circumstances but he handled the whole project efficiently and timely. We not only had a deadline but needed to conduct on-going negotiations with the buyer to come up with a satisfactory deal for all the interested parties. He organized the open houses, returned calls promptly, arranged for workmen to complete necessary jobs and make helpful suggestions for difficult decisions.
Although selling a house can be quite stressful, working with Mr. Sun made the whole process a lot easier."
- Ms. Phair Brand

"What impressed my husband and me the most was how the property was sold in a very minimal time. Not only were you able to find immediate solutions to matters that seemed like obstacles. You had handled everything in a very efficient and professional manner."
- Maria Chiew-Gueco

"First, I would say that I am very satisfied with the transaction just completed. From the setting of the opening price to the closing of the deal, everything was done through email, fax and telephone, which, I believe, was only possible if both sides were efficient and trusting. Looking back, in effect I spent a minimum of time on the formalities, since the groundwork had been carefully done at your end. This is utterly important for people like me who do not know much about the market and who in any case would not be able to devote time to the deal, let alone the settling of bills or the arrangement for minor repairs which were necessary to render the flat saleable."
- Peter Cheung

"It was not an easy task to sell my house because it needed a lot of work, but you worked very hard marketing my house. Several times you invited agents from other offices to come to see my home trying to get more exposure. Finally you got my house sold for exactly the price I was asking."                         
- Bob Diaz

"Thank you very much for your extremely efficient, expedient and skillful handling of the recent sale of my house. I felt quite comfortable following your advice completely during the negotiations and admired how you sensed what seemed to me to be the exactly right position.
It was quite surprising to me to see that house sell so rapidly and with no fuss or bother on my part, and even to sell for more than the asking price. I was completely satisfied with the contractor you referred me to and found that the termite work was completed very well and quickly and at a favorable price."
- Norman Tilbury

"This is a belated note to thank you for being so efficient and professional in guiding the sale of my home in El Cerrito. This was by far the easiest transaction in which I have ever been involved. I was particularly impressed by your marketing strategy, and your coordination of open houses and visits by other realtors in the area. It was amazing to learn that over 400 potential buyers saw the house in the first 10 days! Even though the property was older, your ideas on presentation and showcasing the property were insightful. I have no doubt that your efforts contributed greatly to the sale of my home so soon after it appeared on the market."
- Dr. Eric Xavier

"For the first time in 5 years, I do not have to pay a monthly homeowners dues on the 15th of the month. Not paying Weyerhaeuser that big check earlier this month was pretty nice too. I.m so relieved to be debt free and unburdened by that condo . thank you so much for helping me sell it. After 2 years of living on separate islands in Hawaii, I am looking forward to being with my husband and starting a family. I truly appreciate all you have done. Thanks again."
- Leticia Chang

"I wish to thank you for the way you handled the sale of my home at 555 Albemarle Street, El Cerrito. You did everything so nice for me to understand. You are a fine salesman the way everything went. I recommend you to anyone who has a home for sale. I like the way you handled the whole deal. I am well satisfied with the sale."
- Henry Benzler


"Mr. Sun is a rare person in today.s business environment. In the 18-month period that my husband and I worked with him to find a house, we had ample opportunity to observe and judge him as a realtor and as a person. We found him to have extraordinary ethics, knowledge of real estate matters, tact and patience. He is a very pleasant person, with whom we enjoyed doing business even when things were not going well. We have recommend Mr. Sun to others, and would certainly engage him as our agent in any future real estate matters."                   
- Claire A. Garcia

"As you well know, buying a house can be extremely stressful, and both Mary and I feel very lucky to have had you to guide us through the sometimes uncomfortable process. We really appreciated your even temperament and patience with us as first time home buyers, and would not hesitate to call upon you again the next time we need a terrific realtor. Your attention to detail and wealth of experience certainly were factors that made the whole experience as smooth as possible."
- Peter Handel, Mary Boettcher

"Corina and I had read up on buying a house, and talked to many people. In the end, we were very surprised at how uncomplicated the process turned out to be. I guess the books one reads to try and prepare you for various difficult situations in buying a house, and we may have been expecting similar situations. However, this was not the case.
We appreciated your readiness to get done the things that needed to get done, both promptly and accurately (schedule house visits, find a fireplace specialist and arrange for an inspection, etc.). Of course, the very first house you showed us met our needs perfectly, and that impressed us that you understood what we wanted. We both felt that you let us do the deciding, and provided us with advice from your experience, when we asked."                 
- David and Corina Jump

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work and patience in assisting Dorothy and I with the purchase of our first home. During the over a year long ordeal you were there to help us and were always willing to answer my .rookie. home buyer.s questions.
From our first meeting, where I literally walked right in off the street, to the closing on our house . over 14 months later.you stuck in there and kept helping us. Dorothy and I counted it up and we figured that we must have looked at over 150 houses and made offers on over a dozen different properties.
Thanks again for your forbearance through the entire process, especially during the few times when I was contemplating throwing in the towel on the whole thing.
Thanks again for your hard work, we love our new place. If you.re ever in the neighborhood, please stop in for a visit."
- Carl W. Fleetwood

"To say we are satisfied with your recent representation in the purchase of our home at 4023 Fariss Lane, El Sobrante, would be a major understatement of our feelings. From start to finish (and happily, continuing after closing) you have been a first rate help every step of the way. We feel that we have been extremely fortunate to have had you as our agent, particularly as this was our first home purchase and so much of the complex details and the complicated procedures were new and confusing to us. We feel that your dealings with us were professional and completely honest. In this regard we have come to trust you in a way we did not feel we ever could trust a .realtor.."
- Rob & Laura Griffin

"First of all, thank you for representing us in the purchase of our first home. We both really enjoyed working with you and are very happy with our new home. As first-time homebuyers (who knew very little starting out), we really valued your knowledge, patience, and guidance throughout the entire process. But most important, we felt that we were working with a very trustworthy and sincere agent.
One example of this sincerity and wealth of knowledge is that we continue to call on you with all sorts of questions and concerns even after the transaction has been completed and you continue to advise us. We really appreciate your viewpoints and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
We especially like that you were always available and flexible to work with us. Whether it was to meet in the evenings or to put together a bid at the last minute (as was the case with 1215 Henry Street), you were always very accommodating and flexible. It made the entire process more enjoyable and productive."
- Yan Qiu and Caroline Chi

"Before we actually hired you as our realtor we had met with other realtors .with whom we were not entirely satisfied. Some were inexperienced while others talked too much that they did not know the first thing about what we really wanted in a home. So we continued to call other realtors until we came across you. The first characteristic that stuck us was your ability to listen and understand what we really wanted in a home. We think this made you focused in your search. Next, your commitment became immediately apparent. Everyday Christine would call you and get listings, which you faxed to her office promptly. You made time to show us homes in the evenings and weekends. We went through this process continuously for the next two months and you never gave up on us. We can say that on the average you were showing us four to five homes a week. We were quite demanding of your time, wouldn.t you say? Nevertheless, you were always courteous.
Another aspect of your service is your availability. In other words, you can be reached easily either by your office phone, voice mail or home phone. In addition, you responded promptly to our messages.the same day or at many times, within an hour of our call. Because of the prompt attention you.ve given us we thought we were your only clients. We found out later that you actually had several clients who were also keeping you busy.
When we decided to make an offer on a house, you helped educate us about the terms and conditions of the contract. You displayed your expertise while we relentlessly asked you about the fine print contained in the contract. You thoroughly explained each and every term and condition until it was to our satisfaction."
- Piran and Christine