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When handled inadequately, selling your home can become a protracted, difficult and emotionally strenuous process. That makes your choice of broker a critical decision. You can depend on my expertise and care to ensure that your selling experience is lucid, confident and rewarding.

Strength in Numbers

My listings spend an average of 10 days on the market, far superior to the industry standard of 32 days. I usually sell homes at approximately 110% of their listed price, and I have never once failed to see a residence through to purchase.

Perhaps that's why 80% of my business comes from my satisfied clients' and fellow agents' referrals. And how to date I have closed over $50 million in residential real estate.

Neighborhood Watch

I have lived in the East Bay since 1984. My firsthand knowledge of your neighborhood combines with up-to-the-minute awareness of current market conditions to secure my intimate familiarity with local property values. This means I can market your house at its most strategic price, after I've carefully helped prepare it for sale to ensure that you attain its full worth.

And More...
In addition to my academic degrees in Law, Marketing and Computer Science, I have trained for over 400 hours in the practice of real estate. I am committed to keeping current with all developments in property and contract law.

Also, my fluency in Chinese allows me to keep in close contact with the Bay Area's largest Asian American community. I have published several real estate articles in the East Bay's most widely circulated Chinese language newspaper, cultivating an ongoing relationship with this significant market.

Here's what you can expect from me when you sell your home:

*Education in current market conditions
*Professional Comparable Market Analysis
*Consistent communication, including weekly status reports
*Preparation of your home for sale, including a list of reliable subcontractors and coordination of subcontractor work
*Design and implementation of an aggressive marketing plan
*Change of address forms
*Presence and support at escrow signing and complete file at close of escrow
*Continuing service beyond close of escrow

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